What Are You Willing To Unlearn

What are you willing to unlearn, to drop or let go of to move forward?


This is a message I sent an entrepreneur client of mine this week who was feeling challenged and stuck in how to move her business forward. I hope it stimulates your thinking, too.  Every aspect of your business is created by you. It is a projection of everything you believe about yourself as a business person.

So, here’s a challenge for you: Answer these questions before picking up the phone, before you send a single message, or make any business decisions. 

  • What brings you joy?
  • Does anything feel hard?
  • Are there things that are working?
  • Is anything getting in your way?
  • What do you want to do but lack the courage or self-belief?
  • If you could choose anything to never do again.. what would that be? would you love to never have to do again?

Start taking action only once you are clear on how you are creating your experience and how you would be showing up if you knew you already had all the wisdom and all of the success you desire.

Start thinking about the things you would you stop doing, let go of, and unlearn?

I believe in you, I am here for you – you have got this.

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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt