Purpose Discovery Workshop

Discover your Extraordinary Purpose, synergise your talents and create the blueprint
for fulfilment with this powerful 1:1 workshop online.

1:1 2.5-hour workshop, plus 30-minute Strategy Call

This is the ideal first step for us to start working together.

I have delivered this dynamic 2.5-hour workshop many, many times and the outcomes surprise me and the client equally every single time.

Clients arrive feeling a level of dissatisfaction or suffering from a lack of clarity or direction. As a result of the deep coaching process, they leave the session with complete clarity on their unique purpose with a personal Mission Statement, they can use as a compass in their lives.

As my client Jackie reflects “Simon is a master of the coaching method. His acuity in getting to the real place where change begins is quite remarkable. Within a very short time, he distilled a framework for how I could make decisions based on my deep passions which would lead me toward more meaningful relationships and work.”

The process for the first part is very dynamic and engaging as we explore your values, talk about your individual talents and unique gifts and intellect. Then, as we move through the process, the clarity emerges.

That’s why I call it a Purpose Discovery session – because as we truly investigate the correlations between many aspects of the your personality and your deep-seated desires. These coalesce into a perfectly clear sense of purpose.

The impact is immediate – just seeing someone step out of doubt and worry into a well-defined vision is wonderfully inspiring and they are instantly able to start making clear informed decisions in their lives.

As Jackie says “Were it not for the experience I had with Simon, I’m convinced I’d still be stuck in a job that induced daily misery and in a never-ending circus of saying yes to people and projects that may have paid well but were soul-crushing and mind-numbing. In some ways, what he offered me was simple: clarity and permission to go live the life I’d been carrying around in my head but hadn’t had the courage to actually live.  

The session is followed a week later, with a 30-minute Strategy Call. In this call, we embed all of the insights and co-design a blueprint of how you can create a life which is a true reflection of this purpose and follow a life-path of meaning and significance, on your terms and without compromise.

Jackie concludes  “As a result, I’ve never been more engaged and thrilled with my work, which has positively impacted all areas of my life.”  

I would highly recommend Simon to people who have a dream or want to find one in themselves and want to make that dream come true. He will truly serve you and will help you step up in your game in ways that you might not have even dreamt of. 


The session was incredibly useful in providing me much needed clarity towards key values that I hold dear and how to shape these into an overarching mission statement to create my life from. The format was easy to follow but enormously impactful in drawing out the key areas for me to further reflect on.


Simon’s synergy session was a complete eye, heart and mind opener. We started flowing at such speed as insight upon insight began to tumble out and that session alone allowed me the clarity to move forward on all fronts of my work and life.