5. The Purpose Project

A proven small group coaching format which brings together like-minded Pioneers in a committed, loving group whose mission is to embody deeper purpose through the delivery of specific life-enhancing projects.

6 months (2 x 2-hour group calls/month)

Maximum of 7 people

The Purpose Project is a unique six-month opportunity to learn more about the art and science of living your purpose through the expression of your own unique talents and perspectives in the delivery of a rewarding project, partnership or enterprise and to experience deep and meaningful transformation within a committed group of like-minded Project Pioneers.

Our mission is to grow yourself through deepening the significance and impact of your particular project. We will create your ability to serve more meaningfully and thus with more impact and we will achieve this by supporting your growth into a more truthful expression of your unique purpose.

This programme is about becoming someone whose presence impacts the world deeply as you learn to embody your purpose as an expression of your gifts and talents.

How does it work?

You will be a member of a group of a maximum of seven Project Pioneers who are all in the group by personal invitation. The members are all focused on creating a thriving and prosperous life of meaning and purpose. My previous group members have been at different stages in their own projects and undertakings, from just starting out to having a fully developed vision. The starting point is immaterial. The common thread through all the Pioneers is a deep commitment to growing their purpose by developing their own ability to impact the world authentically and powerfully. They are all intent on creating meaning in their lives through service and being on the journey of self-growth.

Since you and other Pioneers are not only on a similar inner journey, but the same outer journey of delivering your unique purpose project, you will also be a link in a ‘chain of accountability’. You will both provide and receive support from other Pioneers and experience all the benefits of growing in a committed group.

What’s Included?

  • 2 × 2-hour video conference group coaching calls with me personally every month for six months
  • Calls are recorded in both video & audio format to listen and watch back over and over again
  • Unlimited coaching by email
  • Purpose Project creation ‘missions’ to focus on every week
  • The submission of a weekly self-coaching report which will receive feedback from the whole group
  • Scheduled ‘Support Blackout’ periods where you reconnect to your own self-reliance
  • One scheduled peer support session received from another pioneer each month
  • One scheduled peer support session provided to another pioneer each month with their feedback
  • Dedicated Online platform for extra support from me and your fellow Project Pioneers

What one previous group member said about our work:

(1) Be ready to create. ‘

“Create’ means different things to different people. I expected to “create” plans, checklists, marketing materials… Simon quickly helped me elevate my view of “creation” to mean “abracadabra” – creating ANYTHING I WANT, simply by the words I speak. Together, we created declarations and affirmations to claim the future I was creating. These empowering words elevated my mindset and the tiny, yet mighty miracles that followed.”

(2) Be ready to be challenged.

“In observing Simon coach individual group members, I regularly felt deep listening, heard “the story beneath the story”, touched the deepest needs of my colleagues and engaged in compassionate and creative play. As Simon embodied the consummate coach, I felt a calling to serve my own clients more honestly and more powerfully; I also felt a calling to make bolder requests, such as stating higher fees than I’m comfortable asking for. In fact, I just had a coaching conversation today where I, for the first time, told the client I was expecting nothing, except to serve her. When she asked me to quote fees, I did so without flinching.”

(3) Be ready to go inward.

“Wow. Our 1 on 1 time on the calls was amazing. Simon, like a laser, penetrated right through my stated coaching goals and invited me to share with him where my heart was broken, who I had not forgiven, and what dreams I hadn’t allowed myself to see, or live. I felt, seen, heard and accepted – all of me. So, be prepared to have your soul touched, and your broken places explored and likely, healed.”

This is more than a coaching group. It’s a loving, life-affirming experience.
Erica Howard


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