1-week Intensive plus orientation and debrief calls

I offer my clients the opportunity to work with leaders in Liberia as part of a unique Leadership coaching intensive.

Leaders in Liberia is an unmissable opportunity to experience the many contrasts of Liberia, the beauty of the country and the warmth and vibrancy of its people. I created Leaders in Liberia so that we could invite leaders, change-makers and adventurers to explore the themes of enrichment, transformation and legacy.

Join us for a 7-day adventure and learn to lead in extraordinary ways. Discover that in this environment, away from the constraints and demands of your day to day life, you can unlock answers to the most difficult of questions.

Our itinerary is rich and varied, encompassing many aspects of life and leadership in Liberia.

There is an expertly held container for deep connection and wisdom sharing with other powerful leaders.

Each day is an opportunity to empower and serve people in new and challenging ways.

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Over 7 Days You Will….


Leading in uncertainty and creating clarity in this wonderfully unpredictable and dynamic environment.


Resilience and discover untapped inner resources; away from what you “know” tap into the creative wisdom that lies beyond what is comfortable.


Receive and learn with your peers, under the skilled guidance of your expert coaching team Simon Crowe and Natasha McCreesh.


The distinction between aid and empowerment while supporting people to find their own answers, beyond the challenges of their environment.


The power of vulnerability and develop the skills of communicating across cultural and linguistic barriers.


Ideas for growth and workshop their implementation with government officials, community leaders and entrepreneurs.


Be inspired through colourful conversations with school children, aspiring to BE more than their circumstances.


The raw beauty of urban and rural Liberia, and the strong spirit of its people.

Your Itinerary….


After a morning of rest, be guided around the city of Monrovia, learn about the history and the context that informs the coming week

Day One

Connect with and coach those who are creating the next generation of leaders in Liberia at our Leadership Workshop with MoreThanMe.Org

Day Two

Exchange learning and mentoring with Liberian leaders of NGO’s, social changemakers and emerging entrepreneurs

Day Three

Engage with the women of an industrial village, who are adapting and re-skilling in the face of environmental and economic pressure

Day Four

Enjoy the famous hospitality of Grand Bassa as we meet the community of Duwehn Town and relax on the beach at Buchanan

Day Five

Listen to and engage with the different community group leaders of Duwehn Town as we progress with the Barwdu School build

Day Six

Be of service to the Good Samaritan Orphanage, as we labour for locally commissioned trades and builders in vital maintenance projects 

Day Seven

Debrief at Libassa Eco Lodge, taking time to reflect on the past week with your fellow travellers amongst everything this resort has to offer….


We are now taking applications for inspired, committed leaders to join us.

Connect with me to express your desire in coming with us.