Imagination Allows Us To Create A Future

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ―William Blake


Our imagination is what enables us to create a future that is not just a repetition of the past.
The opposite of imagination is autopilot, and if we simply repeat the thoughts we think each day or take the same actions day after day, it stands to reason our lives will never expand.  We have been given the biggest invitation of our adult lives; to switch off the autopilot and let our imaginations go free.

Isn’t it worth creating some time and space and permitting our minds to play in the sandpit of infinite possibility?

After all, dreaming is a type of planning – planning how to live a life of greater possibility.

#possibility #intention #selfawareness

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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt