Igniting The Fire Within

This episode is a conversation with Byron Ingraham and we delve into my purpose of wanting to help individuals reignite the fire within them, that they had when they were younger.

Podcast Notes

The pivotal point in his career was hiring a coach who reconnected him with the joy he originally experienced in life.

When people are in their 20s, there is often the feeling to change the world.  However, as time progresses in the corporate world, this burning desire fades along with passion in life.

As a result of working with a life coach, this compelled Simon to become a coach himself.  In the beginning, it started with helping individuals through life coaching, and now it has evolved into experiential coaching.

His purpose is to help individuals reignite the fire within them they had when they were younger.

Ultimately people in life want to move past stability, as what people desire most is the opportunity to grow.  People will often find excuses to keep them from following their passions in life.  One of the most common one people utilizes as an excuse are benefits.  Most people choose careers or companies based on the benefits they provide, even though the job might leave them hollow.

The one thing Simon recommends for individuals to do is to sit down & reflect on what things in life give the most pleasure.  Think about what life would be like if you lived it based on what you are passionate about while serving others.  Ask yourself what would your day to day life look like.  Think about what you can create in your life based on this new perspective.

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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt