Group Coaching - The Purpose Project

5. The Purpose Project


A Four-Month Group Coaching Programme for those with a burning desire to complete a specific project, but life, or themselves, keeps getting in the way.


4 months (12 x 2-hour group calls)


This proven small group coaching format (maximum 6 people per Purpose Project) brings together like-minded Innovators in a close, committed group whose mission is the delivery of their own life-enhancing projects.

The mission of The Purpose Project is to develop you as the powerful creator of your life: someone who has a strong desire to create a Project of your own and someone who has the inner and outer capacity to actually deliver it. Your particular Project could be to launch a new business, to lead a movement, to provide an important service, to generate more income, to express your creativity, to master a skill, to change jobs, to write a book, to gain more clarity, to heed a calling or to be the change you wish to see in the world.

This group coaching programme is your opportunity to bring consistency and focus to this work and to share in the journey of its completion with a group of like-minded innovators, while you learn to expresses your desire boldly and authentically as the creator of your own life experience.

How will The Purpose Project impact you?

  • You will have complete clarity around your Purpose Project and have generated an inspiring vision – which you bring to life daily.
  • You will have made significant and tangible progress towards the completion of your Purpose Project.
  • You will have developed greater confidence and make more impact everywhere in life.
  • You will feel more self-expressed and live a more values-based, fulfilling life.
  • You will be experience greater depth in your relationships and partnerships.
  • You will be someone with the courage to create what you desire.
  • You will be able to access greater resourcefulness from within.
  • You will have established deep friendships with the other participants that could last a lifetime
  • You will acquire new tools and approaches with which to be the scriptwriter of your own life.

What’s included in The Purpose Project?

  • Three x 2-hour International group coaching calls per month.
  • Recorded sessions so that you can study them again and again.
  • Weekly peer mentoring calls to give and receive perspective and feedback in the spirit of mutual support and growth.
  • A private online coaching portal, accessible via browser or smart phone app which will act as a single repository for everything we do together.
  • Weekly ‘self-reflection’ questions to answer, receive feedback and encouragement from both me and the group, which will serve you in creating even more clarity and awareness.
  • Access to me directly through the messaging function – so we are always in connection.
  • Reading assignments. You will receive recommendations for print and audiobooks which you will study.
  • Bespoke exercises, practices and challenges for you to carry out in your life between coaching conversations.
  • Scheduled ‘Self Reliance’ periods where you practise looking only within for answers.
  • Dedicated admin support – so all of your needs and questions are dealt with efficiently.


4 monthly payments of £375

Beyond investing money, you will invest your time, your focus and your courage. The most important element that you bring is your personality, desire and commitment.

What Erica says about The Purpose Project

“In the last 45 days, I’ve connected with two individuals who wanted to hire me on the spot, with a combined $21,430 in fees. This is what I created when I made a commitment to move beyond fear and negative self-talk. I was able to access this gift of commitment as a result of my investment in Simon’s program.

When you least expect it, you’ll hear yourself being more and more bold and powerful in ‘how you be’/how you serve. You’ll serve more deeply than you thought possible. You’ll feel more connected to your highest, impossible dream. You’ll create relationships you never knew you could create. Strangers quickly become some of your deepest confidantes. You’ll be more prepared to take people to the all places you were courageous enough to go. And, at the end of the Purpose Project, you’ll want more.” Erica Howard


Ready to take action and bring your vision to life?


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