Going Deep With Your Clients

I speak to Millette Jones about looking for commitment, living in a transformational space, and wanting to bring that experience into my coaching.

Podcast Notes

The Beginning

He’s been coaching for 11 years. Before he got into coaching he was a manager in corporate and was very unhappy in his position. He had the opportunity to work with a coach in his business and after three months of coaching he left his position and took a different position but this experience really piqued his interest in being a coach.

Low Point

He started out doing more training than coaching, working with corporations and wasn’t really happy with how his business was going.

He read The Prosperous Coach and made a big shift in his business about three years ago. He started out doing transactional coaching and has now moved to transformational coaching. He helps people bring all types of things into their experience whether that is in their life or business.


I live my life in a transformational space…and I want to bring that experience into my coaching.

What I’m looking for is commitment and I really filter for commitment. People have to ready to make the choice to go on that journey. And not everybody is.

He serves everybody, he always looks for ways to help people. He is always open to having a conversation even if that conversation doesn’t lead to a coaching contract. He keeps his prices quite high so it filters out all but the most committed person.

Big Win

The impact of the work he does with his clients. He only works with people that inspire him, who he wants to spend time with and he looks forward to coaching. He has immense pride in their accomplishments.

Understand Your Value

Understand the value of what you offer, and help the person you are serving to understand the value of what you offer. Even if you aren’t going to charge them for the coaching. You can offer free coaching to build up your skill set, build confidence, make exchanges for testimonials or case study material but make sure it is a value exchange.


He’s working with a community in Liberia to build a school. He takes some of his clients with him when he goes there to work. He’s also planning to take some leadership teams he’s coaching to Liberia in the future.


One on one clients, group program for coaching apprentices.

New Client Attraction

Referrals, word of mouth.

Best Advice

Have a supplementary income when you get started. He started out going to part-time with his company. Later he was doing corporate training, so he didn’t have to rely on the coaching at first to pay the bills.

Get a coach. Start to connect with people in a way that is meaningful to you. What coaches need to do when they come into the profession is to get to the point of really understanding the value of what they are offering.

Habit or Skill – Slowing down. Going deep rather than wide. Develop relationships with people.

Quality – Willingness to not know. Be comfortable not knowing how your client will achieve what they want, be in the space of creation. Be comfortable with discomfort.

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