Finding The Meaning of Your Life

In this episode, Don Hutcheson and I connect abut FInding the Meaning of your Life.

Podcast Notes

“There is a part of us deep inside, I call a guiding light, and when we ignore it, it can be quite painful. Yet when we connect with it, it can create some remarkably beautiful things—we can start to build more fulfilled lives and have a greater sense of purpose and enjoyment. In my view, it is the essence of life.” Why Is This Important?
“When you start to say if anything was possible, what’s the life I would like to be leading, what would be possible then? It takes much courage because it requires people to step off the path, their well-trodden path, onto a different path—the path of the unknown.” What Are the Key Lessons Learned Here?
“Over more than a decade I have developed a process to help individuals create lives of more meaning and fulfilment. Here is a brief outline: 1. The Activation Stage We start by getting crystal clear on creating your personal vision—how you want to be living on every level of your life. 2. The Integration Stage You cannot change anything if you are not self-aware. What are your values, your fears, and your limiting beliefs? What gives you energy and inspiration? 3. The Transformational Stage This is about developing a more self-empowered mindset: trying new things out and taking some risks. This requires a combination of courage, curiosity and playfulness. 4. The Excellence Stage Maintaining the momentum during this process is about the practices and people you surround yourself with which really support you on your journey.” Books on The Topic
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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt