Fear-Setting: A Most Valuable Exercise


We are all aware of the fact that fear is inevitable if you are serious about personal growth and transformation – it stands to reason – if you want to create something outside of your comfort zone it is going to be uncomfortable.

But just knowing this doesn’t make it any easier for most of us.

So, If you are looking for a powerful way of making a friend of fear, check out this Ted Talk by super-entrepreneur Tim Ferris on a process he calls Fear-Setting.

I loved his stoical approach to grappling with fear, looking at it square in the eyes, and exploring what the worst possible outcome could be. He shares a tool for evaluating where fear is holding you back and the potential cost of that versus the possible benefits of even partial success.


Fear-Setting: The Most Valuable Exercise I Do Every Month

Watch the video by clicking on this link: 


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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt