I have designed five unique programmes so we can create the perfect way to work together. I work with clients from all corners of the world, either in person or via a dedicated video conference facility.

My programmes range from between £1,700 and £36,000 – depending on the length of commitment if we work 1:1 or in a small group, or you are joining me at an intensive workshop in London, or a leadership programme in Liberia, West Africa.

I ask my clients to pledge their energy, passion and desire when making the commitment to work in partnership with me and to stay the course – even if it gets really challenging. Clients take complete and full responsibility for their experience and its outcomes because no one else can possibly make these changes for them.

My commitment to you is to be relentless in my love, honesty and support on this thrilling path to achieving your visions. The impact is quite literally life-changing.



1. Purpose Discovery Workshop

Uncover your Extraordinary Purpose, synergise your talents and create the blueprint for fulfilment with this powerful 1:1 workshop either face to face or online.


2. Activator Programme

Activate the transformational power of achieving your 3 key goals and revolutionise your life or business in just 4 months.

3. Life Mastery Programme

The ultimate coaching experience – This year-long, deep-dive into living the answer to the fundamental questions of your life, “Who am I and what did I come into this life to achieve?”

4. Change Maker Programme

A six-month commitment designed to disrupt your thinking and develop the mindset for exponential success in your business, project or enterprise.


5. Group Coaching – The Purpose Project

A proven small group coaching format which brings together like-minded Pioneers in a committed, loving group whose mission is to embody deeper purpose through the delivery of specific life-enhancing projects.



2.5-hour workshop, plus a 90-minute Strategy Call


This is the ideal first step for us working together.

I have delivered this dynamic workshop many, many times and the outcomes surprise me and the client equally every single time.

People arrive feeling a level of dissatisfaction or suffering from a lack of fulfilment or direction. We spend half a day together, either in person or online, and they come out of the session with complete clarity on their unique purpose with a personal Mission Statement they can use as a compass in their lives.

The process for the first part is very dynamic and engaging as we explore your values, talk about your individual talents and unique intellect. Then, as we move through the process, the clarity emerges.

That’s why I call it a Purpose Discovery session – because as we truly investigate the correlations between many aspects of the person’s personality and their deep-seated desires. These coalesce into a perfectly clear purpose.

The impact is immediate – just seeing someone step out of doubt and worry into a well-defined vision is wonderfully inspiring.

The session is followed a week later, with a 90-minute Strategy Call. In this call, we co-design a blueprint of how you can create a life which is a true reflection of this purpose and follow a life-path of meaning and significance.


4 months (3 x 1-hour calls per month)


This high vibrational, outcome-focused programme leverages the achievement of three specific and meaningful goals to attain exponential growth in all areas of your life and work.

This offering is perfect for those who feel there is un-expressed potential in one or more areas of life, which is leading to stress or unhappiness and who are ready to experience how being the ACTIVATOR in their own lives can create sustainable levels of satisfaction and achievement across the board.

I guide you through a powerful and incisive goal setting process, which identifies the areas which will have the greatest impact on your levels of happiness and success.

Some examples of Goal Areas are:

  • Propel a new project or business idea
  • 10x an existing business
  • Boost energy levels and physical well-being
  • Reinvigorate relationships and masterful communication
  • Richer life-experiences with friends and family
  • Launch a new career
  • Get promoted
  • Live a bigger, more exhilarating life

Once we define the 3 objectives, we go on to devise a plan of approaches and strategies for their accomplishment. This gives you your own roadmap for success from the very start. Our work then concentrates on creating the actions and clarity of thought in order to achieve the primary goals.

As you develop new ways of thinking and acting, which lead to an increased sense of resourcefulness, my role is to see that you deepen the insights and can apply them to all areas of your life. Promoting an elevation in your overall happiness and effectiveness in all areas in a matter of a few months of intention, dedication and commitment.

With me lightly but forcibly encouraging your growth, you will step across what seems like the greatest thresholds of your life and experience the freedom and creativity that lie beyond.

Clients who commit to this programme talk of feeling truly “activated”- meaning reinvigorated, happier and more resilient and like anything in life is possible.

Move beyond the self-created obstacles that stand between your current state of frustration and your desired level of contentment and fulfilment and see your dreams materialise.


12 months (3 x 2-hour calls per month)


This programme is the commencement of your own hero’s journey and the most significant investment and commitment you will possibly ever make, with one of the world’s foremost coaches as a full-access member of your team to walk every step of the way with you.

This programme is ideal for people who have already achieved a great deal in their lives. You have mastered creating success in a conventional sense, but are now craving much deeper satisfaction and fulfilment.

You are perhaps now awakening to a deeper purpose – one which will leave a greater legacy than simply an inheritance. A purpose that inspires you and has the potential to change an untold number of lives.

People who thrive in this programme are and likely in search of inner transformation and are willing to commit totally, even when there is fear of what you may face: the prosperous are sometimes culpable of living from the belief that “the more I have, the more I have to lose”.

Living from inside this golden prison can be stressful because the spirit is ready to live a more expansive life, far greater than anything that can be envisioned from the current perspective.

Clients who have completed this programme, speak of greater purpose, greater freedom and the joy and fulfilment that come from living an extraordinary life of meaning and significance.

The programme is entirely self-lead – I have no exact philosophy or “method” and nothing to teach you – it is my specific role to stay true to your purpose, to empower and serve you with an unflinching commitment to the expression of your highest, most fulfilled self – whatever that takes.

I am your ally, on a profoundly personal journey into your own soul. I will support you fearlessly on this journey into the unknown.

So what does this experience look like?

I have accompanied scores of people on their road to self-actualisation, and I have been there myself many times, but there is no one pathway. So we honour your uniqueness and are guided by your inner wisdom and intuition.

What I have witnessed through this work, however, is that naturally, your path will pass through the phases outlined below. It is rarely a linear journey so expect the unexpected.

A – Stage of Activation

Defining the Journey and Creating the Container. Right from the start, we give a great deal of time and emphasis to creating powerful agreements, unlike anything you have experienced before. Having a crystal clear vision of success, coupled with unwavering commitments to this journey and each other, allow for an unbreakable container of trust and enable us to do the deepest work.

B – Stage of Integration

Self Knowledge. Knowing thyself is a prerequisite for emotional intelligence. The ability to understand yourself, your current belief systems and unhelpful thinking habits are the doorways through which all personal growth can occur.

Exploring new perspectives and philosophies on the nature of existence enrich your perception of what is possible and introduces you to new dimensions of consciousness in which to explore.

My role is to keep you peeling back the layers of the onion, deepening insight and extending you up to and beyond the invisible edges which currently define and limit you.

C – Stage of Transformation

Self Creation. In noticing the automatic and becoming conscious of the unconscious, you have given yourself a well-defined picture of your current reality and the repetitive thoughts and behaviours by which you are creating it. From this awareness is where you’re able to give your mindset a total upgrade.

Transformation intensifies, as you are able to cherry pick the thoughts, emotions and behaviours with which to create the life your spirit desires; and to shape your life as an expression of your unique purpose.

This phase embraces the new. It encourages curiosity and the willingness to experiment and explore. It is the phase of trial and error that strengthens your resilience and focus on fearlessness in the face of the unknown. It is thrilling and challenging and I am there to support and serve your highest self, at every turn.

D – Stage of Excellence

Maintaining Momentum. As you deepen your mastery of a transformational life, your focus is given to ensuring it is sustainable and continuous. You will develop knowledge and practices which sustain you. We also look at the physical and emotional structures you have in your life that will uphold you on your journey. This may also involve how you bring the others in your life along with you, so they do not feel threatened by the growth they see in you.

It may include what financial or commercial arrangements you decide to implement, so everything and everybody is aligned with your life of purpose and is resonant with the energy of your new definition of fulfilment and success.

I want to explain my philosophy on payment and refunds. I require all of my clients to pay fees in advance and I never offer the money back. It is not just because I believe I deliver exceptional value and world-class coaching. I don’t offer refunds because I don’t want people to decide to work with me because of what they believe I can do for them, I want people to work with me because of what they can do for themselves – that is so much more powerful and the impact is permanent.

My role is to empower people, to challenge them and to support them to live extraordinary lives. To do this they have to put themselves firmly in the driving seat and take total responsibility for everything they create. I do not want to diminish them and give them a way out when things get challenging. No, if people get frustrated, I don’t give them a refund – I do what they paid me for – I coach them.

They already know how to project their complaints and frustrations onto others, so I serve them in becoming even more resourceful and to step beyond their habitual patterns and self-imposed limitations. I believe that is guaranteed with real integrity and is of far greater value. This work is certainly not for everyone – it takes intention, commitment and courage.

If you are ready to launch yourself into the exploration and creation of a truly fulfilling life of extraordinary purpose and fulfilment, then click THIS LINK and set up a Connection Call with me and we will talk about the next steps to make it happen. 


6 months (3 x 2-hour calls per month)


A six-month programme specifically crafted for foresighted entrepreneurs, key-decision makers or business owners.

As a CHANGE MAKER you recognise that the way you currently see the world, actions and thinking habits is the greatest threat to the success of your project or business.

You realise that how proactive you are in challenging and growing these perspectives will inevitably define the level of your future success. You can see what streaming video is doing right now to traditional TV and you are looking to challenge yourself in ways that take you and your own business to the cutting edge within your field.

You may not even know what that looks like right now, but our work will enable you to think bigger, smarter and more laterally, so you can create beyond your current horizons.

This programme builds on time-tested approaches and strategies with which to enrich your current mindset, so your project attains the outcomes you desire and challenges you in ways that keep you engaged, stimulated, creative and at the leading edge, while preparing you for greater levels of success than you have ever experienced before and in a healthy and a manageable way.

People confuse creating this kind of success with working harder and doing more – Our work will lead you to discover how by changing the way you focus on things, the things you focus on change.

This programme is ideal for high achievers who know they can get there on their own but are excited to work with a dedicated advocate and disruptive agent running alongside.


4 months (12 x 2-hour group calls)


A Four-Month Group Coaching Programme, for those with a burning desire to complete a specific project, but life, or themselves, keeps getting in the way.

This proven small group coaching format which brings together like-minded Innovators in a close, committed group whose mission is the delivery of their own life-enhancing projects. The mission of The Purpose Project is to develop you as the powerful creator of your life: Someone who has a strong desire to create a Project of your own and someone who has the inner and outer capacity to actually deliver it.

Learn more and join me on this powerful creating journey.

Through working with Simon I was saved from months of denial, procrastination and resentment of hours spent on something that wasn’t on purpose for me. It ultimately allowed me to create more space in my life for what brings me joy.

Natasha McCreesh

I would encourage you to book an introductory call with Simon because you will discover how to harness your power to create and be all that you want.

Dr Shanequa Fleming