4. Changemaker Programme


A six-month commitment designed to disrupt your thinking and develop the mindset for exponential success in your business, project or enterprise.


6 months (3 x 2-hour calls per month)


A six-month programme specifically crafted for foresighted entrepreneurs, key-decision makers or business owners.

As a CHANGE MAKER you recognise that the way you currently see the world, actions and thinking habits is the greatest threat to the success of your project or business.

You realise that how proactive you are in challenging and growing these perspectives will inevitably define the level of your future success. You can see what streaming video is doing right now to traditional TV and you are looking to challenge yourself in ways that take you and your own business to the cutting edge within your field.

You may not even know what that looks like right now, but our work will enable you to think bigger, smarter and more laterally, so you can create beyond your current horizons.

This programme builds on time-tested approaches and strategies with which to enrich your current mindset, so your project attains the outcomes you desire and challenges you in ways that keep you engaged, stimulated, creative and at the leading edge, while preparing you for greater levels of success than you have ever experienced before and in a healthy and a manageable way.

People confuse creating this kind of success with working harder and doing more – Our work will lead you to discover how by changing the way you focus on things, the things you focus on change.

This programme is ideal for high achievers who know they can get there on their own but are excited to work with a dedicated advocate and disruptive agent running alongside.