Be Aware Of Your Energetic Vibrations

Bruce Langford and I speak about living Mindfully and how this can help you create the life that you want, and being aware of the conversation going on in your mind.

Podcast Notes

Effect on Emotions

  • To me, an emotion or a feeling is a word that we give to an awareness of a vibration. Why that’s important to me is, I’ve been reading a book called The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and what I appreciate about the book is he talks about our emotions. If we’re scared of them then we live our lives trying to protect ourselves from our emotions and we create this incredibly crazy complex life full of emotional interactions.
  • If we can just see our emotions as energy, they don’t mean anything to who we are … that distinction between our higher self and our ego-driven mind.
  • What I find myself doing now when I feel a strong energy, I try not to label it as a particular emotion. I let it rise up in my heart and my chest. I let it find a way out. Almost like letting the gas bubbles in a bottle escape.
  • If I suppress it or try to change my behaviour, or change the external world in some way, then all I’m doing is keeping that locked in. And so it just keeps returning.
  • How mindfulness has really helped me is, I’ve become much more aware of those energetic vibrations. I’ve got a completely different relationship with them now. I get less fearful of them and I now allow them to arise in their energetic form and not connect to the stories that I hold around those energetic vibrations, those emotions, and just watch them pass.
  • I feel so much more resilient and able to deal with situations.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I have a series of affirmations I say every day and one of them is, I breathe deeply into my belly.
  • I had a yoga teacher one who said, if men just breathed properly into their bellies, then 90 percent of the problems we go to therapists around, would be solved.
  • The breath is a fundamental connection.
  • When I’m meditating that’s what I use as my focal point.
  •  I bring my awareness and my attention to my breathing. Breath is something which opens me, which expands me, which connects me to the greater cosmos.

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