2. Activator Programme


Activate the transformational power of achieving your 3 key goals and revolutionise your life or business in just 4 months.


4 months (3 x 1-hour calls per month)


This high vibrational, outcome-focused programme leverages the achievement of three specific and meaningful goals to attain exponential growth in all areas of your life and work.

This offering is perfect for those who feel there is un-expressed potential in one or more areas of life, which is leading to stress or unhappiness and who are ready to experience how being the ACTIVATOR in their own lives can create sustainable levels of satisfaction and achievement across the board.

I guide you through a powerful and incisive goal setting process, which identifies the areas which will have the greatest impact on your levels of happiness and success.

Some examples of Goal Areas are:

  • Propel a new project or business idea
  • 10x an existing business
  • Boost energy levels and physical well-being
  • Reinvigorate relationships and masterful communication
  • Richer life-experiences with friends and family
  • Launch a new career
  • Get promoted
  • Live a bigger, more exhilarating life

Once we define the 3 objectives, we go on to devise a plan of approaches and strategies for their accomplishment. This gives you your own roadmap for success from the very start. Our work then concentrates on creating the actions and clarity of thought in order to achieve the primary goals.

As you develop new ways of thinking and acting, which lead to an increased sense of resourcefulness, my role is to see that you deepen the insights and can apply them to all areas of your life. Promoting an elevation in your overall happiness and effectiveness in all areas in a matter of a few months of intention, dedication and commitment.

With me lightly but forcibly encouraging your growth, you will step across what seems like the greatest thresholds of your life and experience the freedom and creativity that lie beyond.

Clients who commit to this programme talk of feeling truly “activated”- meaning reinvigorated, happier and more resilient and like anything in life is possible.

Move beyond the self-created obstacles that stand between your current state of frustration and your desired level of contentment and fulfilment and see your dreams materialise.