Are you ready to find your purpose and passion in life?

Let’s talk about you…

You are a successful individual.

Possibly between 32 and 57 years old, you are at top of your profession or career and people admire and respect you personally and professionally.

When friends and colleagues look at your life they probably think you have everything sorted and that things just keep getting better.

You may have become really good at propagating this impression, at holding it all together – people expect it of you, it’s what you do.

On the inside, it’s a completely different story.

Everything that has defined you as successful now feels like a terrible limitation. You have started to feel miserably unfulfilled by your work and the role of provider is beginning to force your hand somewhat in some of the decisions you are making – what were once choices now feel like obligations.

Perhaps you have children in private school, a mortgage, a partner who likes their current lifestyle, a reputation to uphold, friends who expect you to live in a certain manner, employees that depend on you or maybe you’ve acquired some habits and tastes of your own that require you to keep cranking the handle on the engine of your discontented life.

Alternatively, you are a parent whose children have flown the nest, or a profesional who has taken early retirement or an entrepreneur who sold your business – You are “successful” but in some way the life that defined you is no longer the life you desire – you have projects to keep you busy, but it’s no longer enough.

Secretly, you feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

You may have started reading books or having conversations about “transformation”, “self-actualisation”, and “personal development” and, plus you are asking yourself questions about your own philosophy on life.

Maybe you are looking to take on extra community responsibilities because you want to “give back” in some way?

Perhaps you are asking yourself questions like – “what is my purpose on this planet?” and “there must be more to life than this”.

You feel trapped by a feeling you can’t seem to shift.
What you really crave is to feel fully alive.

You want to express those aspects of you that have remained dormant for so long – you want to be the truest expression of your unique values and talents – you want to feel the satisfaction of living an extraordinary life or purpose and meaning.

You want to be able to look in the eyes of your grandchildren and tell them stories about how you followed your heart even when that felt like a crazy thing to do.

You would do whatever it takes to create that life – if you could only just get clear on what that would look like, make the time and work out how you could handle the expectations and fears of those around you.

The truth is there are many, many people just like you. The reason they do not change is simple: Fear

These people focus on what they have to lose rather than on what they have to gain – That is because the brain loves predictability and it loves to prove itself right – is so much easier to predict the future from past experiences than to create a new future from an entirely fresh perspective.

So, can you see what is holding you back?

Your current level of success and knowledge and experience will not get you to where you want to get to – it can only possibly create more of what you already have.

It stands to reason that if you keep engaging in the same default habits and same thoughts you can only get the same default outcome – and you already know what that looks and feels like and that is what is eating away at you.

Here I describe one way in which I call out the brilliance in my clients

You are the type of person to understand all of this…

You are the creator and know how to create conventional success, but you are ready to be motivated to define a new purpose and take on something far more meaningful and inspiring.

To challenge all of your existing beliefs and live an extraordinary life of more richness, more fulfilment, more joy, more love and leave a legacy of a greater life for the planet and its inhabitants, in some way.

You are ready to face your fears and step boldly into the unknown – to start your own hero’s journey and choose to do this with me as your closest ally.

You know deep down you can do this alone, but you choose me as your coach because I will challenge, excite and scare you a little. Together, we are committed to making this journey the most freeing and transformational experience of your life.

I will hold this vision with you more powerfully than anyone else you have possibly ever met.

Take the first step…

According to research, people with a sense of purpose and meaning in life (Eudemonic wellbeing) usually live longer, happier lives.

Do you want to find out how on purpose your life is?
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I have learnt to recognise opportunities to step beyond my comfort zone in the pursuit of things that bring me true fulfilment – it was a small tweak that has ended up making a significant difference. We now speak on a regular basis and Simon has become the voice which says “you can do this”.

Keith Banwaitt