3 Steps to Envisioning, Thinking and Dreaming BIG

This programme will break it down into three basic steps, with tips and exercises, so you can cultivate and develop this powerful habit in life.




I help giant-hearted Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to create extraordinary success in all areas of their lives
on their own terms and without compromise.


Align your focus with your own powerful WHY starting with my free Purpose Quiz.


The benefits of discovering your unique purpose are increased vitality, true happiness, a deep sense of fulfilment and the realization of your true potential.

I am driven by the desire to support people who feel like they’re drowning, stuck or frustrated in life. My commitment is to seeing my clients live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Learn more about my story, experience and why I love to empower people to live their lives with passion and meaning.

Discover Your Extraordinary Purpose. Synergise Your Talents. Create Your Blueprint For Fulfilment.

This dynamic 1-1 workshop, includes a 2.5-hour workshop and 30-minute follow up strategy call that is guaranteed to deliver outcomes.
We explore the layers of values and talents to clarify your Purpose.


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Uncover your Extraordinary Purpose, synergise your talents and create the blueprint for fulfilment with this powerful 1:1 workshop either face to face or online.


Activate the transformational power of achieving your key 3 dynamic goals and revolutionise your life or business in just 4 months.


The ultimate coaching experience – This year-long, deep-dive into living the answer to the fundamental questions of your life – who am I and what did I come into this life to achieve?


What Clients Say

Simon Crowe has completely transformed how I have moved forward in my work and life and to think he managed that over Skype is amazing.

His ability to get me into a state of being present and tuned in to myself, and actually what I wanted to be doing, felt almost like magic!

Simon’s synergy session was a complete eye, heart and mind opener. We started flowing at such speed as insight upon insight began to tumble out and that session alone allowed me the clarity to move forward on all fronts of my work and life. 

Aileen Gonsalves

Simon is the real deal. Period. I worked with him for one year, and our work together totally transformed both my personal and business life.

I not only have a sincere appreciation for him as a coach but also for who he is as a human being.

If you are looking for a deep transformational coach that is authentic, direct, loving and just plain brilliant, Simon is the coach for you!

Christo Schutte

In our first conversation, he was able to help me see things from a totally different perspective (you can’t paint the picture while stuck in the canvas).

From this perspective, I was able to see all the positive I had created in my life and business.

I walked out of the meeting shaking all over with a feeling of excitement that comes from knowing that there is another way.

At that point, I knew I had to work with Simon who has helped me realise who I truly am, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. 

Ogo Mkparu

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Why is purpose the key to fulfilment?


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